• The Perfect Banquet
    The Perfect Banquet
    The notoriety of this prince travelled far and wide until a well known shaikh in far away Shiraz in ancient Persia heard . “I must reform this prince before he squanders all his wealth on pomp and pleasure”, said the Shaikh to his followers. “I will travel to Samarqand and speak to him personally”. So saying, the Shaikh set off on foot for Samarqand with two of his companions.
  • The history of turkeys
    The history of turkeys
    Britain probably obtained its first turkeys from the Spanish, who had brought the birds back to Europe after encountering them in the Aztec empire. However it’s possible that they were introduced by William Strickland, a Yorkshire merchant and MP who travelled to the New World in the 16th century. He certainly seems to have wanted to promote a link with the bird, as the family coat of arms, which was granted in about 1550, has a turkey as a crest.
  • How old is the British Empire?
    How old is the British Empire?
    In the 1500s, when King Henry VIII became fascinated by his Arthurian heritage, such ancient ideas began to spring up again. This has ensured that the legend of King Arthur lies at the heart of the historic British Empire.
  • Alexandria
    Alexandria extends about 20 miles (32 km) along the coast of the Mediterranean sea in north-central. It is home to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the New Library of Alexandria
  • To ‘Ayn Jaaloot - إلى عين جالوت
    To ‘Ayn Jaaloot - إلى عين جالوت
    After the victory of Gaza, the Islamic Army headed north along the Mediterranean coast, passing through great Muslim cities such as Ashkelon and Jaffa. What happened then on the way to ‘Ayn Jaaloot?

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